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Main Job Functions & Responsibilities


The main job responsibilities of the Secondary Machine Operator may include one, some or all of the following tasks:


  1. Drilling - Face heads prior to drilling, straight drilling, semi-drilling, peck drilling, cross drilling and re-drilling
  2.  Honing -  Hone inner diameter (I.D.) of bearing
  3. Milling -  Mill keyways on stem and mill slots
  4. Turning -  Utilize lathe machines (hand operated and computer controlled)
  5. Tapping threads
  6.  Broaching
  7. Deburring – Utilize automated tumbling machines and hand deburr
  8. Clean and polish metal parts
  9. Operate induction heat treating unit

Machines Used


Machine lathes, CNC lathes, honing machines, milling machines, drilling machines, screw machines, tumbling/cleaning machines.  Brands include Hardinge, Milwaukee, Kent Owens, Nichols Miller, Walker Turner, Precise, Atlas Copco, Excell-O, Kingsbury, Sunnen, Leblond, Warner Swasey, Kramer.


Job Qualifications


Minimum:  High school education.  Up to one year of experience operating machinery in a manufacturing environment.  Comfortable operating machinery in a manufacturing environment.  Effective communication and problem-solving skills, ability to work independently and to exercise independent judgement when required.  Detail-oriented, team player.  Good concentration on tasks.  


Ideal qualifications:  Ideal qualifications:  All of the above minimum requirements, plus two to three years of experience operating machinery in a manufacturing environment.


Reports to:  Secondary Supervisor


Main Job Functions & Responsibilities

The main job functions and responsibilities of a Grinder include the following:


  1. Know and operate all inner diameter (ID) grinding machines.
  2. Hold tolerances.  Chance diamond, check cycle or adjust set up when tolerance is not holding.
  3. When grinding job is completed, set up machine for the next job. 
  4. Set gauges on grinding machines.
  5. Run two grinding machines simultaneously.
  6. Clean grinding machine daily.
  7. Clean up work area daily.
  8. Add water to coolant tanks daily.
  9. Check oil level for spindle on grinding machine, daily.
  10. Check hydraulic oil daily. 
  11. Check air pressure on grinding machine daily.


Machines & Gauges Used

Machines:  Internal grinder, ID and OD centerless grinders, radius grinder, surface grinder, OD universal grinder, OD cylindrical grinder.  Machine brands include Heald, Bryant, Landis, Cincinnati, Van Norman, Blanchard.


Gauges:  ID micrometer, air gauge, Sunnen gauge, OD micrometer, dial bore gauge, jaw blocks, plug gauges.


Job Qualifications


Minimum qualifications:  High school education.  Up to two years of experience operating machinery in a manufacturing environment.  Ability to do simple math (adding, subtracting, decimals).  Basic communication skills:  reading, speaking and writing.  Problem-solving skills, ability to work independently and exercise independent judgment when required.  Attention to detail.


Ideal qualifications:  Two to five years of prior experience as a grinder.  Ability to set all types of gauges, knowledge of specifications for concentricity of tolerances of micro finishes.  Knowledge of what type of grinding wheels to use with different types of steel.


Reports to:  Grinding Supervisor



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